How Can I Get a True Full Screen Image of My GMap?

  1. nomorespam says:

    When I press F11 to get a full screen image, there is still a large percentage of the screen (in Firefox) below my map that is just blank space. I would like to be able to enlarge my maps to full screen, but I lose about 15% of the screen to this blank area. Is there a way to get a true full screen image of a GMap?

  2. Kapuzino says:

    I found: When klicking "print map" and return back (without executing the print) by clicking "Click here to return to the main window when printing is complete" I get a full-height-window map in more square ratio. It also works in full-screen-mode. It looks like a bug, but a usefull one. It should be used with a button or a choice box to switch it easier.

  3. nomorespam says:

    Hey, Kapuzino - thanks for this work around - it works well.

    I agree, Mozilla developers should create a button for this purpose rather than hiding this function.