Split distance by activity

  1. jeramyz says:

    It would be nice if distance in the charts could be split apart by type of activity. e.g. It would be nice to know total distance ran and biked separately as they are not equivalent.

    Additionally, on the calendar, different types of workouts could be different colors to aid in quickly seeing which workouts were associated with each type of activity.

  2. run2050 says:

    I second the color-coding idea. It would be nice too look at my runs in blue and my cycling in say, green.

  3. thejmfc says:

    I second both ideas. I attempt jogging and successfully bike, so the graphing is a bit useless for me at the moment.

  4. eLRusS1T0 says:

    I also second both ideas!! As thejmfc said at this moment the graphing is useless for me too.
    Thanks for the excellent job you're doing here guys!! I <3 this page! :D

  5. mlf2109 says:

    I know this is an old thread but I also second both ideas, but mostly the first. Separating different activities when tracking distance is essential if it's going to be a valuable tool for analysis- something for which it has great potential! Keep up the good work!