Total elevation gain

  1. jeramyz says:

    A cumulative elevation total for the route would be more interesting than the difference between beginning and end of route. I generally do loops from home, so my elevation gain is always "0"

  2. Bergferrrg says:

    Agree, and would also like the elevation in meters.

  3. eilismoneill says:

    Yes, this would be useful for me.

  4. jpscampbell says:

    I mostly do loops too. This feature would be huge for me.

  5. RichU says:

    Elevation gain would be great.

  6. bergsaul says:

    great site to store all my running and walking routes but why is this important feature of cumulating total elevation missing?

  7. paul says:

    That feature is available in the workout log. It's called elevation gain. It is available in both English and metric units, it responds to the links at the top.

  8. southgeek says:

    How do you use it? It does not display on a particular route. That would actually be useful. I went to the links, but am unable to figure out how to input a particular route for this information.

  9. DuncanClarke says:

    To see the total elevation gain in your list of bookmarked routes:

    1) Edit the route in question
    2) turn on the elevation display (small or large)
    3) wait for it to calculate and display
    4) save the route
    5) go back to the bookmarked routes and reload.

  10. wobots says:

    I tried the instructions that DuncanClark added and it worked. However, I question the Elevation Gain calculations. I put in a route from Lone Pine CA to Whitney Portals, which is all up, and the Elevation Gain should be the same as total elevtion. The EG was over 6k feet, and the TE was 4660, which is what it should be.

  11. 6boris6 says:

    Would be nice to have an easier access to elevation gain than DuncanClarke's one.