Winter Running

  1. SunshineRunnning says:

    Hello. I'm getting back into running and am 7 weeks in on 5k training plan - problem is that it is getting icy. Any suggestions (other than don't slip) on how to not make the winter weather an excuse for not getting out there?

  2. mon1011 says:

    I could use some tips on this one too. I try to do more of my runs on the weekend when I can go later in the day. Keep track of spots where you know water tends to settle. I also try to schedule around the weather if it looks like there will be a milder day.

  3. emaki says:

    I’m just getting back into running after a bit of a hiatus and this is not the best season to start up. When I have to run on surfaces that are bumpy, slippery and/or sloppy I consider it extra training for when conditions are better. Slipping along with an inch of snow on the soles of your shoes help build up stamina. I’ve created a few routes that allow a certain amount of road running which are generally in better condition than sidewalks.

  4. jtraylor says:

    some of the barefoot running techniques give you a lot more stability running in slippery conditions. seems that being more upright and shorter stride keeps the weight centered and easier to control. did it in shoes though as to not freeze my toes....

  5. rickmcfadden says:

    First of all congrats on successfully making it this far into your running routine. Secondly, I am also planning to run throughout the winter months and being Canadian I am preparing for some substantial ice and snow. The good news for us here is that there is plenty of winter running gear options that will allow us to brave the elements. Depending on where you live a good pair of trail running shoes may have the grip and protection you need. I'm looking at getting something that has further apart traction to allow snow room between the grooves without getting caked in them. The upper may be GTX (goretex) which is great for keeping the foot dry and warm. I'll be dressing in layers trading my shorts in for a thicker and warmer pair of long tights. The upper shell I have is just a water/snow resistant jacket that can easy accommodate base layers. I like to dress economical even during blizzard runs so the layers I wear mostly fit pretty closely to my skin which I find allows for better movement out there. Oh, almost forgot sunglasses, running gloves/mitts, hat/toque, and ipod player are good accessories to get you through the winter too! Good luck out there and happy running!

  6. Pron8r says:

    I'm clearly a little late to this thread, but still--I run in northern Utah, and we can have some long and cold winters. If there is snow/ice on my route, I have 'chains' that I can put over my running shoes that help grip the road. I don't really notice them when running, and they haven't affected my form. But I do notice a difference in 'grip' on the road. I would think any running store (in colder climates) would have something you can get.