I got nothing

  1. mdelisle23 says:

    No map appears, no matter what I do. I've been using the site for years with Chrome as my browser. It works in IE but IE sucks. The only thing that shows is the panel at left, but no map at all. Please advise.

  2. paul says:

    Sorry, I'm having a hard time reproducing this. Which OS? By any chance is this happening on a work connection? Sometimes a work proxy will suddenly start blocking all map-based applications.

  3. mdelisle23 says:

    Browser is Chrome 15.0.874.121 m. Home desktop PC running Windows Vista. Like I said, IE works but I hate it and never use it.

    Here's a screenshot of what I'm seeing:

  4. skatewash says:

    I'm having the same problem on my home computer. Running Google Chrome 15.0.874.121 m on Windows 7 Home Premium (Service Pack 1). No map appears. I get a map to appear when accessing on the IE browser, but would prefer to use Chrome.

  5. paul says:

    I think I've figured this out. I'd really appreciate if you could do a quick test and tell me if it's working now.

    Long story short, there was a bug occurring when a user was behind a connection blocking facebook domains. I wasn't seeing it since I wasn't behind a firewall configured that way. I closed off facebook using my HOSTS file and was able to reproduce and fix. My sincere apologies for the disruption!

    I'm pretty sure I tweaked the last-modified header so that a forced-reload won't be necessary, but if you could confirm that too, it would be a huge huge help.

    Thanks for the bug report!


  6. skatewash says:

    I'm seeing the same thing (or rather not seeing the same thing) as mdelisle23 ;-)