"How-to" is missing from site panel & from FAQ. We are supposed to guess?

  1. anotherbill says:

    I like this site, but where is the how-to?

    Absolutely nothing on the panel to indicate that one fixes points by double-clicking. Nothing.

    Come to the forum, look in FAQ. Nothing. FAQ-all.

    Why do the designers think we should tune in psychically?

    I expected the map to stay fixed, once I clicked "record". Then I tried to trace a route.
    No, that just moves the map. It seems the site is broken; many visitors will just give up at that point.

    I'm also puzzled why, if I search for British Library, it goes to Hyderabad.

    Otherwise, it's a great site!
    (I like the editor!)

    :-) Intriguing by search results for here, there, and everywhere (ici, la bas, partout, hier, da, ...), by the way!
    (But my route "from here to there & back" wasn't recorded for some reason. http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=NaN)