cannot plot route

  1. parky says:

    I have plotted routes before and know how to use gmap-pedometer but it has recently stopped working for me. When I click on 'Start Recording' nothing happens, it does not change to 'Recording...'

    No matter how many times I click on start recording it will not start, double clicking on the map will not plot a point.

    I have tried using it in Firefox, Chrome and Safari with no difference. Can anyone help with this?

  2. RFSea says:

    Agree- When logged in, "Start Recording" button no longer functions... Appears to work okay when not logged in... No idea how long this has been going on because I haven't tried to make a new "Bookmarked route" till recently-

  3. paul says:

    There was a bug that has since been fixed. If you're sill seeing it, a forced-reload should help. Please see this thread for details:

  4. parky says:

    Thanks, working correctly again.