Workout Log / Charts

  1. Pid0ck says:

    Hi there,

    I'll have a problem with Workout Log / Charts. For some reason the charts will not appear. As I read a previous topic that kendogger started. I checked out all the solutions and yet than the charts will not appear. I'm using IE9, but I also installed Google Chrome and Firefox browser and the problem still remains.
    Anyone have a solution for this problem, cause I'm searching for days now and it's verry anoying.

    Kind regards,

    Ps.: Sorry for my bad English (Belgium)

  2. Swilly says:

    I had a similar problem. I gave my laptop to the IT person here at work and she did two things. She is not sure which one did the trick. First, she noticed my laptop time was still set for London, UK time since I recently returned to US last week. She reset the time for EST. Next she emptied the JAVA cache. She went to the workout charts they displayed properly.

  3. luvustea says:

    still no charts for me :( (srware iron & firefox)

  4. piotrlukasik says:

    For over two months now I have been unable to display charts. The window is where it should be, commercial surround around the display field, there is even a 'Reset zoom' link - but no charts. I've tried Internet Explorer and Firefox, updated the Java, cleared Java cache and re-checked the clock (following Swilly's advice) - but the plots still do not show. And charts have been one of my primary motivational tools... Any suggestions?

  5. piotrlukasik says:

    I've just managed to get it to work. Switching system time zone from -9h (that's where I currently reside) to an incorrect one (UTS) has made the trick..