Adding older data

  1. mjoloughhlin says:

    I didn't start using the workout log until August, and now I'm trying to enter in my data from the beginning of the year from the paper calendar I was using. When I click on a date and add the data and save it, the next webpage goes back to today's date. It is annoying to have to then go back on the calendar and search for the date from a few months ago. Any way around this?

  2. paul says:

    I'm glad to hear you're using the workout log for your historical data too! It is supposed to automatically populate any date you click on the calendar interface when you bring up the "new entry" page by clicking a date on the calendar. Is that not working for you?

    But it is true that after you save the workout, the calendar will default back to the current month, which isn't the best experience in cases where you're entering a workout from a different month. It makes sense to have the calendar view show you the month containing the date you just entered. I'll add that to the feature roadmap.