Swapping beginning and ending points on a mapped route?

  1. cigar95 says:

    The site has been enormously useful since I began walking regularly two years ago after my heart attack. I have about 45 different paths around my neighborhood saved and bookmarked.

    Wanted to suggest what might be a straightforward feature - a button that would reverse a path on the screen - same path, but the first point is now the last point, and vice versa. This would be helpful if one wanted to add to or change the beginning of a path. Right now it's easy to change the end of a path, just by deleting the last point(s) or clicking on new points. But there's no way to change the *beginning* except by starting over.

    Any chance of this making it onto the site?

  2. effemmeffe says:

    I second this one: I just finished to draw a long route, all off road so I had to set a lot of points by hand, and at the end I noticed I made a mistake at the very beginning. Now I have to keep it that error or redo all the hassle from start. If I could do the start/stop swap my problem will be easily solved...

  3. pedalpower says:

    I use this site to lay out foot race courses for our local community celebration each summer. I would like to be able to shift the start line a bit, to get an exact distance, instead of starting completely over with a new map. I believe that mapmyrun.com has this feature.

  4. paul says:

    This feature exists! See my instructions on how to use it over at http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/gp/forum/topic/view/420/being-able-to-shift-start-line