Import routes from GMAPS

  1. mcaramello says:

    this one might be trivial. I have been preparing my courses using gmaps. Some way or another, using the bicycle routing algorithm I am able to get it to give me the routing I am looking for. This site, although really great, still lacks the ability to route like Gmaps does today: in other words creating a cycling route between 2 points may not give the same result on this site and gmaps and I have observed gmaps seems to have better luck at find bike specific routes.
    Now, that is understandable, it's tough to keep up with gmaps ever changing API and routing features.

    What would easily reduce this a non issue, though, it if there where to be a way to import Gmaps' routes. I mean, Gmaps is already fully capable of exporting a link that contains all the info needed, it only we could copy-paste that link into gmap-pedometer and get the same route it would be fantastic. I would have the capability of storing my routes systematically on gmap-pedometer, get the mileage visually (great feature!) with the miles markers, get the altitude visually (thing that although Gmaps API offer, really lacks at their site), as well as the calorie counter.

    Since I know sites like GPSVisualiser ( are already capable of the same thing (for elevation profile only, though, which I think it is really limiting) I don't think it would be too hard to do... It uses the same APIs, after all. I may be horribly wrong and I apologize if I am making this sound much easier that it actually is.

    Thanks for the works so far.