Can't start a route

  1. gmap123 says:

    Is the site disabled? Cannot create a route... starting point or any other points won't display.

  2. proffmw says:

    Same problem here? - Start Recording button does not work - but only on a MacBook (OSX 10.4). Still works fine on a Linux box (Fedora core 10)

  3. carolee says:

    Same thing is happening to me. Double-click recenters whether "start recording" is pushed or not. Can't get the site to work at all right now.

  4. slb609 says:

    Having the same problem. I've tried IE7, Firefox 3.5 and still can't start a route. When I click the "start recording" box, it says "done" in the status bar, but still the button says "start recording" and double clicking the map just makes me centre-zoom.

  5. Dagadae says:

    what happens when you select the 'start recording' button?

  6. albearo says:

    me too

  7. dpcrouse says:

    I have this exact same problem. I click on "Start Route" and nothing happens. WTF? I've been using this site for a long, long time. never had a single problem til now. Please help.

  8. paul says:

    Are any of you using any browser extensions, or have you set browsers to block resources related to Facebook? I'm thinking the new Facebook button may be causing problems.

  9. retgmap says:

    i don't have a facebook acct and never go on facebook. I am on OS X mac

  10. retgmap says:

    sorry... clicked reply too soon. our company does block facebook so i will try accessing from home to see if it works there. thanks