save starting point

  1. LDGourmet says:

    How can I get this to save my starting point? Each day I have to click a million times to get to my location to begin my tracking. Since I'm always starting from the same spot, I would love to be able to save that starting point.

  2. paul says:

    Lots of people agree with you:

    And funny you should ask: that feature was added this morning! To save a default location:

    - make sure you're logged in (login is required, so I know which account to save the default location for)
    - click the "profile" link at the top
    - use the small map widget to choose your location. You can search by address/city name using the text box, or just navigate the map and click to drop a point.

    Thereafter, the map will show your default location as long as you're logged in!