1. Ozzy says:

    I was just mapping tomorrow's run, and BAM - the site is brand new! Awesome. Looking forward to seeing how it evolves.

  2. WinoRhino says:

    Yeah, right? Nice surprise. I've got my routes mapped and this past week's runs retroactively logged. Such a great tool.

  3. watertowhiskey says:

    Amen Looking awesome.

  4. BlueBird says:

    Love this tool. Created account last night. I am looking forward to see everybody to share the joy of running in the forum.

  5. katja says:

    Yay! I was just thinking to myself how I wished there was a workout log I liked where I could save my mapped runs (before I'd always use gmaps pedometer to figure the distance then just log it through another site). I know there are sites were this was already possible, but was not happy with any of them. Looking forward to using this one.

  6. lisank81 says:

    Loving the new site already finding it really really useful!!

  7. CapnVimes says:

    Gotta agree, this site is fantastic!

  8. kyrce says:

    Agreed on awesome. Every feature I always thought, "Gee, wouldn't it be neat if gmap-pedometer had..." is now here--along with things I'd never have thought of.

  9. struitt says:

    ^ Just another person that is loving the new site!

  10. paul says:

    I just wanted to say to everyone: Thanks! I always have fun working on the site. (I'm nerd, I groove on coding...)

    But there's nothing like seeing all the time and effort I've put in for the last [ahem mumble mumble] months being used by you guys!

    Thanks again for all the support and kind words, you guys are the best!

    And Ozzie, congratulations on being the very first user in the database!

  11. runlenarun says:

    Yay! another appreciative user. Except I'm having trouble saving my run right now. Looks like it's just me :)

  12. spweldon says:

    Nice improvements! So much lighter than Map My Run. Gmap-pedometer is even more awesome than before!! Keep up the good work!

  13. sajodo says:

    Thanks for the site! I use it every single day to map my runs. Its better than any other crap out there. You should totally make an android app!!

  14. yelooc says:

    Yep great new improvements well done!

  15. altamontstreet says:

    Thanks Paul for the amazing site. I've been using it for years and am delighted to see that it's been given new life. Looking forward to recording my favorite routes and sharing with others. Keep it going! ~K

  16. dboisgreat says:

    Well, my analog running log lasted about 8 pages. I hope this site stays as practical and friendly as it is right now. Love the updates!

  17. Lucavcol says:

    Great job indeed! Thanks from Italy - I just love the improvements you´ve made. Ciao ciao

  18. gcopolko says:

    I love this site and use it for every run. I will be running in my first ever marathon in October and need a site like this for my training. Thank you for helping me to achieve my goals and life-long ambitions!!!

  19. Wackyjackjac says:

    I went on again today to check how far I went and WOW i had been waiting for this for a while!

  20. ozilia says:

    I love this site and it's new improvements! Thanks from Brazil!

  21. jtintes says:

    I am loving this site! I will use this so much more... I love the improvements!

  22. srqrob says:

    Looking forward (hopefully) to more features soon!

  23. naivegeye says:

    Is there a way to upload routes from my Garmin 305? Right now I have my runs on Garminconnect.com, but it would be cool to have them here too.

  24. grahamns says:

    great site - very useful and motivating before and after my runs - thanks!

  25. _Elizabeth_ says:

    Love the updates, especially the ability to manage and name routes. Thank you for making such an awesome tool!

  26. Neilsgmap says:

    Great site - mapped my first run....as this is a WWW would be good if we left a location to show how far and wide this site is used . Neil - Surrey England

  27. outdoorsy50 says:

    I don't notice where it states how fast the "runners" group is doing. Can someone help out here? And how about walking? 3.5mph or so??

  28. outdoorsy50 says:

    I don't notice where it states how fast the "runners" group is doing. Can someone help out here? And how about walking? 3.5mph or so??

  29. munnasam says:

    Kudos to the site concept and design. Love it!

  30. Burntsox says:

    Paul - I've used and appreciated gmap for years. Now that I'm living in Africa, your site is key to giving me an accurate idea of how far I'm running - and I appreciate the elevation features so much because it's very hilly here (and 2000 m). I had been saving the URL of past routes, and have now been retrieving them, then saving the into my account. It's been fun retracing my footsteps, thanks to your goodwill. I'll buy something from a sponsor, on general principle

    Burnt Sox

  31. IrieMan says:

    Guys, great gadget here, thanks a lot! I just found the site and verified my 32k slow running route with it (Frankfurt Marathon is coming up end of October), which I sort of guesstimated this morning with a printed map and a ruler, adding centimeters to get total km via the scale. Much nicer doing this with gmap. Greetings to all and "dankeschön" from Germany.

  32. aninajol says:

    Awesome this new version!

  33. circetwo says:

    I love the new site! I've loved the mapping function for years, so thanks for adding. I second the need for an android app!

    When I log my distance/time, the page returns with "invalid" in red, then when I click Save again, it sends me to an error page. After that, the workout shows up. Is it just me?

    Shrewsbury, MA

  34. jjwreil says:

    I love the new site! I've been using this for quite a few years to map my runs and would always track the info in my phone or a spreadsheet. Now I have everything in one spot...love it!

  35. rhagen says:

    Thanks for the new site. Have loved the old one for years. But please keep the site simple, as it is and has been, unlike the other corporate mapping sites. Again, thanks from San Diego.

  36. Alida says:

    to circetwo:

    I have the same the problem. Plus I am up in Canada and we use Kilograms and Kilometers. Is there any way I can set it up metric and hope it stays that way the next time I log.


  37. RFord says:

    Wow really glad I found this site.. I will sent it out on Twitter!

  38. Spookie says:

    I too am very much enjoying this site, I've mapped so many Trail Runs for distance - Thank you for this ability!

  39. evdawg20 says:

    I love using this site! But, is there a way to see the incline/ decline on maps?

  40. runforfun says:

    I have used this site to map my runs. Today I came here to map a new route and was excited to see the new look. I love it! Awesome! Keep up the good work Paul!

    Hope to see a lot more features soon ;-)

  41. johnnygmaps says:

    used this site forever ago, but finally am back and with an account. I'm enjoying seeing my efforts!